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AOL is known as one of the best email services in the modern world. It has become popular because it offers a range of productive features, ranging from a top-class interface to security features. In addition to this, people tend to choose AOL Mail as it gives a personalized mail experience for connecting with your family and friends. However, similar to other mail services, AOL is also vulnerable to different kinds of AOL problems. This guide is an AOL mail AOL help to discuss some of AOL problems as well as their email setup

Resolve all your queries regarding AOL Mail by looking at this article. If you are unable to solve the same or need further assistance, you can contact their representatives. It happens that some people avoid contacting the officials due to personal reason or long-queue (sometimes only). In such case, you may try the phone number mentioned on this webpage. It will forward your call an independent 3rd party AOL mail help team to get your AOL concerns resolved in no extra time.

Help Regarding Creating An AOL Account | AOL Setup

AOL Mail is a cost-free mail service that offers users to create a mail account as well as an online address book that too with 250 GB storage. AOL Mail is known for different handy features like automatic redirection of spam, eliminating phishing emails, and integrated task calendar. In addition to this, AOL Email settings allow users to send mails with multiple attachments with a maximum of 25 MB of size. You may consider shifting to AOL Mail for additional features like AOL app, AOL Desktop, Data Secure, and assist by AOL. AOL email settings also allow AOL live chat among people. For creating an AOL account, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Open any browser like Safari, Edge, or Chrome
  2. Visit for AOL email sign up
  3. Hit on Login, and then Login/Join at the right-top of the page
  4. Hit on Create an account
  5. Fill out all the details, including mail address, last name, and first name
  6. Verify mail with the help of a verification message received on the desired mail address

You are all set as your AOL email sign up is ready. If you still need some assistance, feel free to contact AOL mail help.

Are you facing AOL mail login problems?

If you are facing AOL mail login problems, do not lose hope. It is beneficial for you to recognize and resolve AOL problems like not being able to login AOL account. It is understood that you have important tasks to do on your account. Thus, it is important to get back your access.

aol mail setup

You may get a message, ‘First time signing in here’, when trying to login AOL account. It happens when users sign in from a location, program, or device that the system has not seen before. It may want a verification code to verify your identity. For AOL email account login, the verification code will be sent to your recovery email address or mobile phone.

Do you know how to change AOL password? | AOL Support

Similar to any mail account, you must always use a strong password for your AOL Mail. Also, even if you have chosen a strong password, you must remember to change it frequently. If you do not know how to change AOL password, then this guide is for you. It is extremely important when you think your mail account is compromised or hacked in some manner. You can reset AOL password by using two methods. It can be done through any browser on PC or Mac.

AOL Mail password reset when you know your password

  1. Visit
  2. Login to your account
  3. At the top-right of the page, click on your display picture
  4. From the left navigation pane, hit on Account Security
  5. Select Change password
  6. Type in the new AOL password and confirm it
  7. Hit on Continue and AOL mail password reset is done

Forgot AOL password? Reset AOL password now!

    1. Visit
    2. Type in username and then hit on Next
    3. When prompted to enter password, hit on ‘Forgot Password?’
    4. Follow the on-screen guide for AOL reset password. The process can vary on the basis of the security method chosen by you.
    5. For instance, you may receive a one-time verification code on your mail address. After entering the code, your AOL reset password will be done.

If you forgot AOL password, just follow the steps mentioned above to recover AOL account.

aol mail aol help

AOL Setup | Is AOL Email Down?

There are more than a few causes that can result in the issue of AOL mail not working. You must know all these reasons that can have an impact on your AOL account and AOL email account login.

  • Poor connection: Slow or poor internet connection is among the major issues behind the issue of AOL mail not working.
  • Forgotten password: Is AOL email down because you have lost or forgotten password? If this happens, you need to reset the password.
  • Server problem: One of the reasons behind AOL malfunctioning is AOL server downtime.
  • Incompatible browser: AOL mail problems can be because of browser issues.

Need General Troubleshooting when AOL mail down?

When AOL mail down is an issue and you cannot use email on your iPhone, Android, or browser. Some basic steps can be taken before you contact AOL support for help from officials. Follow the steps provided below to resolve the issue:

  • Update the operating system of your device
  • Uninstall your web browser and then reinstall it
  • Restart the device
  • Turn on the location service on the web browser
  • Remove cookies and cache from the web browser
  • Close the web browser, and then restart it
  • Ensure your device is connected to a fast and stable network

AOL Mail Help | Is AOL Mail Not Working on iPhone?

AOL Mail is recommended by users for its handy interface, which allows people to connect to their colleagues with the help of quick emailing feature. AOL app has a quick server, which is as quick as any other messenger app in sending and receiving mails. Nevertheless, some users have faced issues while using the application. They have started to report regarding AOL mail not working on iPhone. If you also experience the same issue, you need to use this guide.

Before using any fix, ensure that AOL email on iPhone not working is because of an internal issue of the device or main server of the application. When the server is at fault, you need to wait until it is fixed by the company. However, if the problem is with the device, you can use this guide for resolving the issue of AOL email on iPhone not working. Firstly, try putting your device on Airplane/Flight mode and then turn it off. It will reset your network connection to ensure if it is an internal issue or not. Is your AOL Mail down? If yes, then use these troubleshooting steps.

  • Close the app completely: To resolve the issue of AOL email not working on iPhone, exit the AOL Mail application fully along with other programs and apps running in the background. Launch the application again to check if the issue has been resolved.
  • Check for updates: You need to visit the app store of your device for checking the AOL Mail updates. Go to system updates through the settings menu of your device.
  • Clear data and cache: To resolve the issue of AOL email not working on iPhone, you can use the settings menu on your device to clear data or cache. With the help of this, you can easily remove your temporary files for freeing up the required space.
  • Uninstall/Reinstall the App: You can uninstall the app from your app store and then reinstall it again for resolving any issue.
  • Restart the device: If you come across the issue of AOL not working on iPhone, you must restart your phone to refresh the device. It is going to stop all of the unnecessary applications that can impact the performance of the AOL Mail app. In addition to this, it refreshes the network connection.

    aol email not working

AOL Setup | How to Change AOL Password on iPhone?

For all email users, a password plays the role of a key for signing in. If this key gets stolen or forgotten, you may face certain risks in relation to your personal information like contacts and data. If you also ask, ‘how do I change my AOL password’, you have come to the right place. You need to know your password if you want to access your AOL account. If you have lost or forgotten the password, you can easily reset or change it.

If you wish to know how to change AOL password on iPhone, go through the steps mentioned in this guide. There are multiple processes to do it with the help of your existing password, mobile phone, and web browser. In addition to this, these processes are applicable on all Apple devices, iPad, and iPhone. Several queries are received regarding the help to change the AOL password. For this purpose, this guide has collected a few methods that can make your life easier.

Solution for How do I change my AOL password

You may need to reset the AOL password due to a variety of reasons. For example, your password could have been compromised or hacked. Also, some users leave their account logged in on a public or shared system accidentally. It can result in a huge security concern. Another reason for changing AOL password on iPhone is related to forgetting the correct password. It is one of the most common issues for users. You must always change the password every 4 to 7 months to enhance the security of your account.

Before changing AOL password on iPhone, you must consider few things. You need tips to make sure that the password is not easy to crack. This can be achieved by making it long enough and secure. If you are bad at memorizing things, you must use a short phrase as a password, and that too without spaces. In this way, you can avoid trying to recover AOL account time and again. You must try to include a minimum of two numbers or special characters. These characters can be placed at the ending or starting of your password. These tips are not mandatory for users; however, they will make your life easier by avoiding the issue of AOL not working on iPhone.

Most users use browsers to change their passwords. If you use the account on your phone, you can make use of the phone number for receiving the verification code to create a new password. If no password provided for AOL, follow these steps to change the password on the browser:

aol mail login help

  1. Visit the AOL sign-in webpage
  2. Put in the username and hit on Next
  3. Hit on ‘Forgot My Password’
  4. Type in the last password that you remember
  5. Enter the new password and confirm it

If no password provided for AOL, follow these steps to change the password on iPhone:

  1. Open the AOL app
  2. Click on the Menu button
  3. Go to Settings & Privacy
  4. Select ‘Manage Accounts’
  5. Choose ‘Account Info’
  6. Hit on ‘Security Settings’
  7. Click on the option of ‘Change Password’
  8. Enter the new password
  9. Click on Continue

New AOL Password for iPhone 8

This section is particularly for iPhone 8 users to guide them in changing their AOL passwords. It can be achieved by using the option of Mail, Contacts and Calendars on the Settings menu. Ensure that you set a password that is secure and easy to remember.

  1. Go to Settings on your phone
  2. Move to Mail, Contacts and Calendar
  3. Select AOL
  4. Type in the mail address
  5. Click on Password
  6. In this section, choose to reset the password
  7. Create a new AOL password
  8. Click on Done

New AOL Password for iPhone 7

This section is particularly for iPhone 7 users to guide them in changing their AOL passwords. You just have to use your device’s Settings to make this change happen.

  1. Open the device and go to Settings
  2. Move to Accounts & Passwords
  3. Select ‘Accounts’
  4. Choose ‘AOL Account’
  5. Add the Password
  6. Go to ‘Outgoing Mail Server’ settings
  7. Select ‘Primary Server’
  8. In the settings for ‘Primary Server’, type in
  9. Select Password
  10. Enter the new AOL password

New AOL Password for iPhone 5

Similar to other models of Apple iPhones, you can easily change the password on your iPhone 5. You need to use the option of Mail, Contact, and Calendars in this model too. Follow these steps to make the change happen:

  1. Open the device and go to Settings
  2. Choose Mail, Contact, and Calendars
  3. Select AOL
  4. Click on Password and choose a new password
  5. Click on Done
  6. Your password has been updated

Forgotten Username?

If you cannot remember the username, you need to use the AOL account recovery. To do this, users have to make use of the recovery email address or phone number. Follow these steps for the AOL account recovery:

aol email problems

  1. Visit Sign-in Helper
  2. Type in the recovery email address or phone number, which you can access
  3. Click on Continue
  4. Hit on Yes, send me a verification code
  5. Enter the verification code that you received on the email address or phone number
  6. Hit on Continue
  7. Select the AOL account you would like to log in to

AOL Email Support | How to Update AOL Mail Settings?

AOL messages can be retrieved by using both IMAP and POP. However, there exist certain key differences between both standards. You must have an understanding of them as it is important when you configure mail settings for AOL. When you select POP to be used in AOL server settings, your mail client is going to download email copies stored in your inbox. Therefore, if a local copy of a message gets deleted, there is no impact on the original one.

On the other hand, IMAP is known to be more flexible as it syncs the information about mails continuously between the individual clients and the AOL server where they reside. Due to this, you are always going to see the updated version of the AOL inbox, regardless of how users access it. This means when users create a draft on the system, they can also access it from their mobile devices seamlessly. Irrespective of whether they use IMAP or POP for AOL mail settings, they have to ensure SSL encryption for the encryption of both outgoing and incoming messages. You can access your emails and respond to them in a compatible mail app or client. Use the AOL IMAP settings for accessing AOL folders and messages in Incredimail, Thunderbird, Windows 10 Mail, Mac Mail, and Outlook.

AOL IMAP settings for You

If you configure your AOL account in a different app or email provider, you have to use particular information to give other providers access to your mail. For receiving AOL Mail, use the following IMAP setting for AOL:

aol account setting

  • AOL Incoming Mail server address: Use
  • AOL Email IMAP username: Enter your complete AOL Mail address
  • AOL Email IMAP password: Enter your AOL Email password
  • AOL Email IMAP port: Use 993
  • AOL Mail IMAP TLS/SSL needed: Yes

Even though AOL supports both protocols, AOL recommends users to use the IMAP setting for AOL. IMAP is known to synchronize the service with the AOL account. If you do something with messages on the app or email service, it shows up in the interface of AOL Mail. Email actions are not synced by POP protocols. However, through POP AOL server settings, an email copy is downloaded from AOL. When the email is deleted from one place, it remains saved in the other.

Configure IMAP on an iPhone

If the issue of AOL IMAP not working on your device is troubling you, you can easily resolve it by configuring the IMAP connection.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Move to ‘Accounts and passwords’
  3. Click on ‘Add account’
  4. Hit on ‘Other’
  5. Enter your account description, password, mail address, and name
  6. Click on ‘Next’
  7. Hit on ‘Save’
  8. After the sync is completed, check if the issue of AOL IMAP not working is resolved or not

AOL SMTP settings for You

AOL Webmail has been considered the best for checking and sending mails on a web browser directly. Several users are happy to work with a mail client. For delivering messages with the help of your AOL account and an email app, it becomes important to configure the SMTP server of AOL. Firstly, open the configuration panel of your client and enter these AOL SMTP settings:

  • AOL SMTP server name: Use
  • AOL SMTP username: Type in your AOL address
  • AOL SMTP password: Type in your email account password
  • AOL SMTP port: 465 or 25

This is all you need to do. It must be understood that the SMTP server is not the best choice for sending out a mass email via newsletter software. AOL has restricted the number of users you can transmit the same mail to. This has been done to limit spammers across the platform.

AOL POP settings for You

The majority of email applications and software are known to keep an account settings menu for updating AOL mail server settings. You must enter your account information by ensuring that you put in your complete email address. In addition to this, enable SSL encryption for outgoing and incoming email.

aol mail verizon help

  • Protocol: AOL mail server settings               Port Settings
  • POP3 :               AOL incoming mail server:,    POP3-995-SSL
  • Outgoing mail server:, SMTP-465-SSL

AOL Support | Resolving AOL Emails Not Working

AOL email has been designed with several distinctive features that range from spell checking, virus and spam protection, platform-wide compatibility, and unlimited email storage. Although it can be considered an ideal platform, it may also develop some AOL issues. However, these issues can be easily resolved by following simple steps. This guide will show what you can do if you cannot receive emails or AOL emails not working.

Check mail filters: You can access the filters of AOL Mail by going to Mail Settings and then Filter Settings. It allows you to categorize mails into folders as per specified keywords. However, it may result in a certain crossover from new mails that have the same terms. Thus, the email you were expecting could be accidentally transferred to one of those folders.

Check the Spam Folders: The SPAM folder of the AOL Mail is similar to the one in any webmail application. Suspicious or unwarranted mails are transferred to this folder automatically. Due to this, you may experience the issue of AOL email not working. The problem with this automation is that the system can consider emails as spam on the basis of its own criteria. From the spam folder, you can move an email to the inbox by marking/unmark them. You need to go to the Spam folder, and then click on More, Move To, and then Inbox.

Check the Blacklist: When AOL email is not working, you need to check your blacklist. The blacklist functionality of AOL Mail can be accessed through the Block Senders setting. If you do not receive emails from a certain sender, see the Block Senders list to ensure their email address is not present there.

Clear the cache: When AOL email is not working, you can clear the browser’s cache for troubleshooting. It results in a soft reset wherein temporary files are removed.

Is AOL Not Working on Android?

If you cannot use AOL Mail on any Android device, follow these steps:

aol email recovery

  1. Open the application on the device
  2. Hit on ‘Add new account’
  3. Choose IMAP account settings
  4. In the Incoming server or IMAP settings, put in
  5. For the option of Port field, use 143
  6. Hit on ‘Next’
  7. For the outgoing server or SMTP server, use
  8. For the option of Port field, use 587
  9. Tap ‘Save’ for completing the configuration process

Can’t Get AOL Mail on iPhone?

If you can’t get AOL mail on iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Open the phone and go to Settings
  2. Turn on the Airplane mode
  3. After some time, turn off this mode and check if the issue is resolved
  4. If not, go to Settings, and then General
  5. Go to the option of Reset, and then Reset Network Settings. Next, check if the issue is resolved by relaunching the AOL mail.

If the problem is still troubling you, you may have to remove the AOL account in order to re-add it. To do this, you can use the following guide:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Passwords and Accounts
  3. Choose the AOL account, and select Delete
  4. For re-adding, go to Settings
  5. Click on Passwords and Accounts, and then Add Account
  6. Enter all the login credentials to configure the mail account

Resolving AOL Mail Issues on Mac

Apple mail is a widely-recognized email software that helps in managing all email accounts from a single place. In addition to this, it is compatible with all of the email services like AOL, Yahoo, and Gmail. However, there can be instances when Apple mail does not connect to the AOL servers. Your MacBook could show one of the following issues:

  • Not able to verify your password or account
  • Mail app keeps on demanding the AOL password
  • The app has syncing error

If you are not able to run AOL Mail on Mac, you need to follow these steps:

  • If your account or password is not able to be verified, it is an indication that the Apple app is not using a correct password or email address. If you cannot remember the correct password or email address, you may have to reset the password.
  • It could also be the case that you have changed the AOL password but have not updated it on the app. To solve this, follow these steps:
  • Open the application
  • From the top menu, choose mail option
  • Click on the option of Preferences
  • Remove the AOL password
  • Type in the current password
  • Close the tab, Preferences
  • AOL Mail may not work on Mac because of the outdated application. Thus, you may have to update the application by following these steps:
    • From the docs, hit on the Apple logo
    • Select Applications
    • Click on the Updates button
    • If the mail application has any update available, click on the Update button
    • When the app gets updated, check if the issues has been resolved

Cannot View Images In AOL Mail | AOL Support

If you cannot see images or pictures in AOL Mail, use one of these steps:

Check the attachments: By default, certain programs transfer images in the form of attachments rather than embedding images in the mail. Thus, you will have to download them before they can be viewed.

Clear the cache: It is always recommended to delete the browser cache at regular intervals. It is important even if you do not face any AOL issues.

Check the format: It is important to check the format of the image as certain formats cannot be sent by email applications. To fix the problem, you just need to convert JPEG into BMP.

Reset browser settings: Resetting the browser settings to default can rollback any incorrect setting.

AOL Support | Resolving Error Code 521 on AOL Mail

One of the common error codes that you can encounter while using AOL Mail is 521. This error code is known to occur when files important to the operation of a webmail application become corrupted. As this corruption can be caused by a range of sources, you may have to experiment in order to solve this error.

Restarting the system: It may come across as a joke, but sometimes a simple restart can solve many problems.

Update OS: If the local files of your operating system are missing or outdated, they are similar to corrupted ones. Prior to taking any advanced troubleshooting step, ensure that your system has all the applications and files to run without issues. In order to ensure no registry items are absent, update your problems

Running the disk cleanup utility: There is some kind of disk cleanup utility in all modern OS. It helps in checking the integrity of your file systems. You can also download third-party applications from the Internet for this purpose.

Running the antivirus scan: Due to file corruption, there are greater chances of malicious software present in your system. In order to quarantine such programs or remove them, you can run the antivirus scan.

Performing the system restore: Windows allows you to use System Restore to revert the operating system back to the previous version. You can restore the computer to a time when the error code had not occurred.

 So, this article might help you resolve your AOL mail concerns easily. It may happen that due to device compatibility, you may find little changes. If such is the case and article or particular topic is not helping you, you can consult the AOL officials through its support service. Alternatively, you can call on the phone number mentioned on this webpage to contact the independent 3rd party AOL help team. The representative available on this phone-call will guide you to resolve your AOL mail concerns easily. However, we suggest you to read the terms well before calling the independent 3rd party AOL support team.