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BellSouth is among the world’s top email service providers. It features the latest technology and features. Also, it offers a user-friendly interface that has contributed to the increasing popularity of the browser. Furthermore, due to the collaboration with AT&T, BellSouth has witnessed an increase in its user base. But this has also resulted in confusion among its users regarding BellSouth Email Login.

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BellSouth Mobility introduced BellSouth Wireless Email Service in 2000 to allow users with Internet access or touch-tone phone to send up to 150 characters to the digital wireless phone of a subscriber. Along with sending numeric and text messages to colleagues, family, or friends, BellSouth Wireless Email service allowed subscribers to keep up with sports, business news, and current events via CNN Mobile. Some of the key features offered by BellSouth Mobility were online messaging, email messaging, operator-assisted messaging, numeric messaging, and CNN Mobile.

Important: You will notice that this article offers the troubleshoot steps as per AT&T email. This is not a mistake, as these steps are relevant for BellSouth email too. This is because of the fact that AT&T acquired BellSouth in 2006, which means that BellSouth email services come with AT&T email. For any help regarding BellSouth, you can make call on phone number mentioned on this webpage. It will transfer your call to an independent 3rd party BellSouth email support. Make sure read the terms well before calling independent 3rd part BellSouth help team.

Facing Bellsouth Email Login Problem? Bellsouth Email Help

BellSouth offers email, wireless, cable, and Internet services. Every email user must have used or heard about BellSouth email once in their lives. Even though there are several email services in the United States, BellSouth is among the top contenders. It is a legacy service that is now a part of AT&T, similar to Sbcglobal email. There are countless causes for the occurrence of Bellsouth login issues. This guide will provide possible solutions for your query related to ‘How do I log into my BellSouth email?’.

Firstly, you must ensure that your Bellsouth internet network connection is stable and strong. High-speed internet is required to access the Bellsouth email account. In order to reset the Internet, follow these steps:

  • Click on the button Windows Start Menu, and choose ‘Control Panel’ for opening it. Select ‘Internet’
  • Move to the ‘Advanced Tab’ and choose the option of ‘Reset’ and then hit on ‘OK’ for reseting the Internet connection.

In addition to this, you may face Bellsouth login issues due to server outages. The server of the Bellsouth email domain could be down. Thus, you are required to check the status of BellSouth email server through these steps:

  • Open the browser
  • Visit one of the following sites:
    • Is it down Right Now?
    • Downrightnow
    • Outage Report
    • Downdetector
  • In the search field, enter ‘AT&T Bellsouth.Net’ and hit on ‘Enter’
  • Check if the prompt shows, ‘Server is down’

You can contact Bellsouth email support if you want to know ‘How do I log into my BellSouth email?’ You could have also inputted incorrect or wrong login credentials for your account. Incorrect credentials will not allow users to access their email accounts. Thus, ensure that you enter the correct password of your account carefully. You should avoid copying and pasting the account password as it could result in the addition of ‘Space’ or other characters in the end or front of the password.

Is email not working? Another option to fix the Bellsouth mail issue is resetting the password. In order to do so, follow these email login problems

  1. Open the browser and visit the AT&T Bellsouth email log in page
  2. Select ‘Forgot Password’ to reach the ‘Account Recovery Page’
  3. Enter the ‘Last Name’ and ‘User ID’ of the email account
  4. Put in the Captcha Code and choose ‘Continue’
  5. You will be offered three options:
    • Answering the security question
    • A temporary password
    • A code on the email address or phone number
  6. Choose one of these options
  7. For the first option, answer the security question and access the ‘Password Reset Page’. Reset your password.
  8. For the second option, a temporary password can be received on a Bellsouth email ID. Use this password on the ‘Password Reset Page’. Reset your password.
  9. For the third option, a verification code can be received on your registered phone number or email address. Use this code to move to the ‘Password Reset Page’. Reset your password.
  10. Try signing in again to check if the problem is solved.
  • If the problem remains solved, feel free to contact Bellsouth email support. Or else call on the phone number mentioned on this webpage to interact with independent 3rd party BellSouth email support team.

Email Settings for | BellSouth Email Setup

As BellSouth supports SMTP/IMAP, you are not required to use the BellSouth mail interface. Instead, users will be able to send messages and check emails with the help of other email programs such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Outlook Express, or Mailspring. Your workflow will be improved by desktop email applications as they come with more options. For accessing the Bellsouth account from the desktop, you will need the following Bellsouth email settings:

For Incoming Server (IMAP)

  • Server- Enter
  • Port- Enter 99.
  • Security- Choose SSL/TLS
  • User name- Enter the complete email address
  • Password- Enter the correct password

For Outgoing Server (SMTP)setup bellsouth email on iphone

  • Server-
  • Port- Enter 465
  • Security- Choose SSL/TLS
  • User name- Enter the complete email address
  • Password- Enter the correct password

Resolving Bellsouth Email Settings for Outlook

It is a simple task to set up a Bellsouth account on your Outlook. You may need a manual methodology to arrange POP3/SMTP servers. For Bellsouth Webmail on Outlook, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Outlook
  2. Choose File and then ‘Add Account’
  3. Select ‘Manual configure server settings’ and hit on ‘Next’
  4. In the next window, select ‘Yes’
  5. Type in the email address along with the name
  6. Select POP and IMAP and then choose ‘Next’
  7. Incoming Mail Server: Use
  8. Outgoing Mail Server: Use
  9. When prompted, input your password and mail address
  10. Select ‘More Settings’ and tick both boxes, ‘Use same settings as my incoming mail server boxes’, and ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication’
  11. In the Advanced tab, POP3 should have the Incoming Server port number as 995 while the Outgoing Server port is 465.
  12. For the section ‘Use the following type of encrypted connection’, enable SSL
  13. Select Finish

Resolving Bellsouth email sign in issue in Outlook

Outlook is considered the top email client for users across the world. In addition to this, users can easily set up mail accounts. For example, if you use a Bellsouth account, you have the option of accessing this account on your Outlook. Several users have been facing Bellsouth email sign in issues in recent times. If you also face such issues, do not worry. This guide is for users to make their lives easier.

The first step is to ensure that the BellSouth email is configured correctly. Follow these steps to configure your account properly:bellsouth sign in

  1. Open Outlook and choose ‘Add Account’
  2. Choose Manual configuration
  3. Select POP and IMAP settings
  4. Enter the Display Name and email ID of the account
  5. For POP3 accounts, set ‘’ for outgoing servers and ‘’ for incoming servers.
  6. Set 465 for outgoing server port and 995 for incoming server port
  7. Save changes

If none of these settings work, feel free to contact BellSouth customer service. For fixing Bellsouth sign in issues, you can create a secure email key. For this purpose, follow these steps:

  1. Access the profile page of your BellSouth email. Choose the login information page
  2. Select the account for which a secure key is to be created
  3. Choose the option, ‘Manage secure mail keys’
  4. Choose the option, ‘Secure email key’ and select ‘Create secure key’ and then copy it
  5. Select ‘OK’

If these options prove to be useless, you can remove the BellSouth account and then re-add it. Follow these steps to resolve the BellSouth mail login issues:

  1. Open your Outlook
  2. Go to ‘File’ and then ‘Account Settings’
  3. Select ‘Manage profiles’
  4. Select your BellSouth account and choose ‘Remove’
  5. For re-adding email, open ‘Account Settings’
  6. Choose the tab, ‘Email’
  7. Select ‘Manual Setup’
  8. Choose Next and move to ‘Choose Service’
  9. Choose ‘Internet Email’ and move to Internet Email Settings
  10. Select ‘Test Account Settings’
  11. Choose ‘Done’ and check if BellSouth mail login issues are resolved.

Setting up Bellsouth email on iPhone

BellSouth is a widely used email account through which users can send data to other email accounts. Several multitasking features are available in a BellSouth email account, helping users transfer key data across multiple email accounts. There are a variety of reasons due to which Bellsouth email not working on iPhone could be a key concern for iPhone users. Due to this, you must have an understanding about how to setup Bellsouth email on iPhone.

Setting up BellSouth email on iPhone properly allows users to send messages from the phone. With an iPhone, you can set up different email accounts to access your emails via a WiFi connection or active cellular data. Emails can be accessed through the Mail application of the phone. To setup BellSouth email on iPhone, follow these steps:setting up bellsouth email on iphone

  1. Move to ‘Settings’ and then ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’
  2. Choose ‘Add Account’ and then ‘Other’
  3. Select ‘Add Mail Account’
  4. Type in the BellSouth account information Select ‘Next’
  5. Select POP
    • For Host Name under Incoming Mail Server, use ‘’
    • For Host Name under Outgoing Mail Server, use ‘’
  6. Type in the BellSouth account password and email address in their respective fields
  7. Hit on ‘Save’ for adding the email account to iPhone
  8. Check if the issue of Bellsouth email not working on iPhone is resolved or not.

If you are facing email login problems on your iPhone, you must ensure that your iOS system is updated. For this purpose, open Settings and then move to ‘General Tab’. Next, go to ‘Software Update’ and choose the option ‘Download and Install’. Then, update the phone to the latest version.

BellSouth Webmail needs a cellular network as a WiFi connection is not reliable. In order to enable Bellsouth Internet service, go to ‘Settings’ of the phone and then choose ‘Cellular’. Move to the tab, ‘Mail’, and ensure that the slider is turned on (green) to gain internet connectivity. You can also face Bellsouth sign in issues because of third-party apps. Disable all the third-party applications that could be interfering with or blocking your email. Then, check Bellsouth email if it is working properly.

Another solution is to clear some space on your iPhone. For clearing up space on the phone, the unwanted cache needs to be removed. Thus, go to ‘Settings’ and then ‘General Tab’. Next, move to ‘iPhone Storage’ and then find ‘Mail App’ to select ‘Offload Apps’ for clearing the caches. Finally, check Bellsouth email to see if the problem has been solved.

If you want to ensure that your BellSouth email works properly on your iPhone, make sure that you are using the correct configuration settings. Thus, go to Settings and then Mail Menu. Choose the option of ‘Accounts’ and move to ‘Bellsouth Email Account’. To enter email settings, select ‘Account Information’.

IMAP Settings for your iPhone

Incoming Server Host Name- Use

Outgoing Server Host Name- Use
Incoming Mail server port- Enter 993 Incoming Mail server port- Enter 465
Use SSL- Choose Yes Use SSL- Choose Yes

POP Settings for your iPhone

Incoming Server Host Name- Use Outgoing Server Host Name- Use
Incoming Mail server port- Enter 995 Incoming Mail server port- Enter 465
Use SSL- Choose Yes Use SSL- Choose Yes

On the other hand, if BellSouth email is not working on your Mac device, visit the Bellsouth email login page and check if you have a stable and strong network connection. It is important to get a suitable data supply. Also, ensure that your web browser does not have any issues. Some of them can be fixed by clearing stored data like history, cookies, and cache. In addition to this, you need to update the operating system of the device to the latest version. Then, visit the Bellsouth email login page and check if you can access your emails. You can also try enabling JavaScript for your web browser on Mac. If none of these solutions work, feel free to contact BellSouth customer service. You can just visit the official site of AT&T to raise any issue related to the BellSouth email. Alternatively, you can place call on the phone number given on this webpage. It will forward your call to an independent 3rd party BellSouth help team to resolve your concern in no extra time.