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There is no doubt that AT&T is the top-rated and largest telecommunication organization globally, offering popular services related to television, Internet, landline, and mobile. In addition to this, the company offers webmail services to businesses and individuals around the globe. ATT services are widely recognized for being highly reliable and secure. Through AT&T email services, people communicate with multiple contacts by sending and receiving emails. However, even though ATT services are considered dependable, there are cases when you face AT&T issues, especially with the email. Thus, this guide is going to assist you in resolving certain AT&T email issues so that the customer experience remains up to the mark. Alternatively, you can also call on phone number mentioned on this site. It will connect your call to an independent 3rd party ATT support team. They are experts in relevant field and happy to resolve ATT email customer support

AOL Mail Support | Is Your ATT Email Not Working on iPhone?

Being a superior web-based email service, AT&T is used by several users across the world. AT&T email is observed to work effectively on a range of devices, yet AT&T problems may arise. For instance, certain iPhone users complain about ATT Email not working on iPhone. In addition, sometimes AT&T may stop functioning unexpectedly. However, such AT&T problems can be easily solved by following certain troubleshooting steps. Use the following ATT email help to resolve ATT issues:

Check the network: There must be a proper Internet connection for accessing the AT&T email service on an iPhone. Thus, ensure you have a stable connection by checking your WiFI and router settings.

Restart the device: If AT&T not working on iPhone, switch off your Apple device. Then, restart iPhone and access email services again. Check whether ATT issues get resolved or not.

Re-adding AT&T: You can add the setup again if you are troubled by the AT&T not working issue. Follow the ATT help:

  1. Go to Settings and open Mail, Contacts and Calendars
  2. Tap on add accounts to enter login details of AT&T email
  3. Visit IMAP settings for submitting needed information
  4. Select Outgoing mail server and choose SMTP
  5. Put in required details and hit on save
  6. Restart the iPhone and access the AT&T email service again

ATT Email Help | Update ATT Mail Setting for Windows Mail

Emails are regarded among the best things to be invented for mankind. Communication has turned simpler because of emails as people can chat and interact with each other from far away. If you have a device that supports an email service and Internet connection, you are good to go. AT&T email offers loads of filters and features to maintain the best emailing experience for users. One of the best things about its service is that it can be employed by third-party clients. If you seek help regarding ATT mail settings, look no further. Use the following ATT help to set up Windows Mail with regards to AT&T mail:at&t not working

  1. Press Win + C in Windows Mail for Charms menu
  2. Go to Settings and then Accounts
  3. Select Add an account
  4. Choose Yahoo!
  5. Enter information: AT&T email address and Password
  6. Choose Connect

Get ATT Email Setting Verified or Updated

As POP3 settings are not supported by Windows Mail, use the following ATT email help for verifying or updating IMAP settings:

  1. Choose the AT&T email account in Windows Mail
  2. Confirm/verify Account name as well as download info
  3. Confirm/verify the incoming email server information:
    • (Incoming email server)
    • 993 (Port)
    • Select ‘Service requires SSL’
  4. Confirm/verify the outgoing email server information:
    • (Outgoing email server)
    • 465 (Port)
    • Select ‘Service requires SSL’
  5. Select ‘Outgoing server requires authentication’
  6. Same username and password must be used for sending and receiving mail
  7. Close settings and get ATT email setting updated

Why my ATT Email is Not Working?

There could be a condition wherein you may not get ATT emails. Email users have increased at an alarming rate because of the growing population. AT&T is a popular platform for individuals and corporates because of its speed and security features. Even though it offers advanced options, users have faced certain ATT problems, including ATT not working. Use the following AT&T support to resolve such ATT problems:

att email customer support

  1. Your Email must meet the max. size limit of messages
  2. The recipient’s Email address must be correct. If not, an error message will be prompted, ‘Problem found: Message not sent’, or ‘failed delivery’
  3. Ensure that the Email address of the other party is not blocked
  4. Use the default web browser to open AT&T Mail and clear cache and cookies
  5. Next, Enable Javascript and ensure it is updated
  6. Disable add-ons and check if the ‘ATT not working’ issue is solved

The issue of AT&T email not working mainly arises if the AT&T server is down. Thus, you need to check if the server of AT&T is down for everybody. You can easily check this by using sites like or Just search for the website name on one of these sites and check if the AT&T server is operational. If the server is down for all, you can solve the issue of AT&T email not working by using a different server.

Troubleshooting for ‘My AT&T Email is Not Working’

If you have also googled ‘my AT&T email is not working’, then you have arrived at the right place. Following quick fixes can be used for solving such ATT email problems:

  1. Cookies and cache must be cleared
  2. Browser must be updated
  3. Browser add-ons and tools must be disabled
  4. Firewall must be disabled
  5. Adobe Flash Player must be enabled
  6. Java must be up-to-date
  7. Mail Key must be secured

When users say my ATT email is not working, it means they are not able to send or receive emails. It is a huge concern as users are at risk of hampering their professional lives. Several users face such ATT email problems due to incorrect settings on Outlook. In order to update your account through POP and IMAP on Outlook, use the following AT&T email support:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook
  2. Select File and then choose Add Account
  3. Choose ‘manual setup or additional server types’ and hit on Next
  4. Select IMAP or POP
  5. Enter your mail address as well as full name
  6. Choose Account Type (POP 3 or IMAP)
    • For IMAO server:
  7. for Incoming mail server
  8. for Outgoing mail server
    • For POP 3 server:
  9. for Incoming mail server
  10. for Outgoing mail server
  11. In the required field, type in the ATT mail address as well as password
  12. For Port configuration:
    • Go to ‘More Settings’ and tick the option of ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication’
    • Then select the option of ‘Use same settings as my incoming mail server’
    • Incoming server: Use 995 for POP3 and 993 for IMAP; Outgoing server: 465 for both
  13. Select SSL for both servers
  14. Click OK and then Next
  15. Once the connection is tested, click Finish for resolving ATT email issues

Setting Up ATT Email on iPhone | ATT Email Help

Simple steps need to be followed for configuring your mail on an iPhone. Use the following AT&T support for sending and receiving mails on the device:att email support

  1. Choose Settings from the home screen
  2. Go to Mail
  3. Choose Accounts
  4. Go to Add Account
  5. Choose Yahoo!
  6. Type in your mail address and tap on Next
  7. Type in your password and tap on Next
  8. By clicking on the sliders next to Notes, or Mail, Contacts, Calendars, select which data to download to the device
  9. Click on Save for setting up ATT email on iPhone

Adding ATT email to iPhone is a simple process that takes just a few minutes. After the steps mentioned above are completed, restart your device. New settings will be activated on restarting the iPhone. After adding ATT email to iPhone, you are set to use the ATT mail on the device. If your problem remains unsolved by this method, feel free to contact ATT chat support.

Resolving ATT Email Login Issues

ATT email login issues are among the most common problems faced by users. If you are one of such users, you may not be following the steps to log in correctly. Use the following email ATT support to login into your account:

  1. Type in your username
  2. Enter the password
  3. Hit on ‘Sign in’

You must ensure that the entered details are correct. In addition to this, a stable and strong network is needed for accessing your account with ease. If you are not able to access AT&T, it may have been compromised or hacked. Nevertheless, it is better to confirm it before jumping to any conclusion. There are some signs that can show if your account is compromised.

  1. You receive mails from your mail address only
  2. You get complaints from your contacts about receiving spam from your ID
  3. Your display name is changed
  4. Unexpected password reset and missing email messages
  5. Your password is not working anymore

Password not applicable: You may face the issue of password not being applicable on your device. It could be because of the fact that you have modified the password of the mail account. Thus, you are required to update the new password on all of your devices that use ATT email in order to have an error-free and smooth access.

att problems

Password and User-ID not matching: The first step is to ensure that you put in correct password and user-id. As per the AT&T Email support, you must ensure that the caps lock button is at the right setting. One of the key things to keep under consideration is that too many attempts can result in your account getting locked temporarily.

Inactive account: You may receive a warning mail from the ATT security about the status of your account. It is a big red flag as it means that some inappropriate activity is being done on your account. AT and T support suggests you not to cross the daily limit of mails or send bulk emails. If this is not being done by you, it could be because your account has been hacked. In such a situation, get in touch with the AT and T support at once, and get your account deactivated.

How to Recover ATT Net Email Account?

Sometimes users forget their AT&T Mail password, which may stop their access to their account. For resolving such ATT email issues, you need to know how to recover ATT net email account. You can use a few steps to ensure you can reset or change your password easily. Users must always keep their security questions and answers updated. In addition to this, add your phone number for account reset. You must note that the password used for signing into your myAT&T and email is the same. Thus, when the AT&T Mail password is changed, there is a change in the AT&T user ID password too.

If you do not remember your AT&T password, you need to reset it by using the following email ATT support:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Forgot password?
  3. Enter the password information
  4. Select temporary password or security questions
  5. Follow the prompts
  6. Make a new password

ATT Help Support for Outlook

If your email service is not working properly, it could be a big headache for you. Thus, help with ATT email is required to allow you to access your data with ease. ATT email is used worldwide; however, it may face certain issues with Outlook. It is a huge problem, but this ATT help support will help you in fixing this issue. With several users on email, some of them report different issues with Outlook and ATT mail. Following are some of the common issues reported by users:att help

  • ATT mail is not functioning with Outlook: This problem is known to affect all versions of Outlook, and not just Outlook 2010. Nevertheless, this issue can be resolved by contacting ATT support email or using this guide.
  • Can’t send ATT mail: It is one of the most common ATT email problems today. Sometimes users are not able to send ATT emails at all. Similarly, this issue can be resolved by contacting ATT support email or using this guide.

Account Configuration

Your ATT mail may be facing issues with Outlook because of the incorrect configuration of your email account. It is among common ATT email problems today with all email providers. However, you easily solve this problem by configuring your account properly. For adding an ATT email to Outlook, follow these steps:

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Click on File, and then Add Account
  3. Select Manual setup or additional server types
  4. Choose IMAP or POP, and then type desired mail address and display name
  5. Select one of the account types: POP3 or IMAP
  6. On the basis of account type, your outgoing and incoming servers need to be configured.
    • For IMAP server, you need to use for the incoming mail server. On the other hand, use for the outgoing mail server
    • For POP3 server, you need to use for the incoming mail server. On the other hand, you need to use for the outgoing mail server
  7. Enter the mail address along with the secure mail key. Always keep Remember password checked along with Require logon using Secure Password Authentication

The server has been set. Now, you have to configure some more settings and ports.

  1. Go to More Settings, and select My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication
  2. Click on the option of Use same settings as my incoming mail server
  3. For configuring ports, use 993 for IMAP or 995 for POP3 in case of the incoming server
  • For the outgoing server, both POP3 and IMAP can use 465. Also, choose SSL for both servers.
  • Click on the OK button and Next. Your connection will be tested by Outlook. Click on the Finish button.

In case you have noticed, it is mentioned that a secure mail key is required for creating a new account. It is known to be a key security feature that aims to offer extra security to the client. In the absence of a secure mail key, you will have to quit the process of account creation for generating the said key. It is a very simple process, which will not take a few minutes only. For generating this key, you can contact the AT&T support email or follow these steps:att services

  1. Open AT&T profile, and click on Sign-in info
  2. Choose the mail account and move to the section of Secure mail key
  3. Choose Manage secure mail key
  4. Choose the mail address to select Add secure mail key. Set the key as per your need.
  5. Select Create secure mail key
  6. Click on Copy secure mail key to clipboard
  7. Click on the OK button
  8. Move to the mail client. Instead of the password, make use of the secure mail key

You may find this process a little overwhelming when doing it for the first time. You may contact the AT&T support email if you come across any issue. If you do not know how to contact ATT support chat, visit their official site.

Checking Antivirus

As ATT email is used by several users for sending email to ATT phone, it is a good idea to have your antivirus checked. You need to ensure that your antivirus is not interfering with your apps. Some issues can be caused by third-party anti-virus tools. You will have to disable some antivirus settings for fixing them. If the issue still exists, you must disable the antivirus completely. You must be ready to uninstall the antivirus if the issue is not resolved on disabling the antivirus. In case the issue is fixed by uninstalling the antivirus, you must switch to a new antivirus.

Using IMAP

You might have understood that there are two kinds of mail accounts, POP and IMAP. You must know that IMAP is the newer one. As it is newer, it has a host of features like syncing mail across all devices. The POP standard is not used much after the launch of IMAP. It is for this reason several mail providers have moved away from it for sending email to ATT phone. AT&T has also moved towards IMAP. You could face some challenges with Outlook and ATT email if you are still making use of a POP account. In order to fix this, you have to make changes to account settings of Outlook so that your mail uses the IMAP server. For this purpose, you can use the solution presented in Account Configuration in the previous section. You may contact AT&T chat support if you need help regarding the switch to IMAP standard. If you do not know how to contact AT&T customer support, visit their official site.

Removing Email Profile

When your ATT email does not work with Outlook, you easily solve the problem by removing the account so that you can recreate it. You must know that your files will be removed that have stored locally on the system. However, your messages will be saved that are preserved on the server. For removing the profile, contact AT&T technical support or follow these steps:

  1. Click on File, and then Account Settings
  2. Choose Manage Profiles
  3. Select Show Profiles
  4. Select the email account and then hit on Remove
  5. After this, you can add an ATT mail using the solution presented in Account Configuration in the previous section. If you still need help, contact ATT phone support for additional assistance.

Using a Different Mail Client

When your ATT email does not work with Outlook, you can make use of the webmail version in the form of a temporary workaround. One of the good things of Webmail version is that it does not need any configuration. Even though it is not convenient in comparison to Outlook, it can assist you in checking mail without facing any issue.

Using Safe Mode

When your ATT email does not work with Outlook, it might be because of Outlook add-ons or settings. In some cases, some add-ons can have interference with Outlook, resulting in problems to occur. In order to resolve this issue, Outlook can be started in Safe Mode.att support chat

  1. Press Win and R keys
  2. Enter Outlook/safe
  3. Click Enter or the OK button
  4. Click OK in the new window

Check if the problem is solved in the Safe Mode. If you still need help, contact ATT email support for additional assistance.

We hope the article might have helped you resolved all your ATT email concerns. If you think, there is a more to get confirmed or resolve quickly, you can call on the phone number mentioned one this webpage. It will forward your call to an independent 3rd party ATT help team. The professionals are available all the time to get resolved your ATT concerns. Make sure you read the terms well before making call to an independent 3rd party ATT help team.